Trend Check: Revisiting Public Trust in Canada’s Food Supply

May 13, 2022

Over the past twenty years or so, Canadian consumers have shown an increasing interest in the food they eat: where it comes from, how it’s grown or raised, who grew it, what practices they used, the environmental impacts of food production, nutritional composition, health benefits and more. We have covered this topic in previous Nourish … Read More

2022 Farm Outlook: A Year of Churn and Opportunity

April 22, 2022

by Len Kahn, founder, Kahntact In our 2022 Nourish Network Trend Report released last November, we tackled the question of whether the Canadian farm economy was vulnerable to a downturn driven by external forces. The main concerns were macroeconomic uncertainties and supply chain disruptions associated with the fifth wave of the COVID pandemic. Since then, … Read More

Kahntact Marketing cooks up another prestigious marketing award win

April 20, 2022

Kahntact Marketing collects major award at North American competition for tactic that crosses food, agriculture, and education Kahntact Marketing continues to cook up wins at awards shows, this time taking a top prize at the Best of National Agri-Marketing Association annual meeting in Kansas City, MO. The award for best “News, Feature Article or Persuasive … Read More

Pointy dress shoes, the massive internet of things, and the new ag revolution

March 25, 2022

There’s a digital renaissance happening in agriculture. And the people driving the change might not look like the same type of ag leaders we’ve seen in the past. The green revolution in the 1960s saw seed genetics and fertilizers drastically increase yields. It was science answering the problem of food security, and it worked. Driving … Read More

Lessons learned from empty shelves

March 24, 2022

There’s a principle taught to engineering students: If you want to see how something works, watch what happens when it comes apart. (And if you’re a parent, you know a lot of kids figure this out on their own.) We all had a front-row seat to the dismantling of our international logistics system when COVID … Read More