Shop Upgrades, Gadgets, and Vendor Premiums Down on the Farm

March 1, 2023

Premiums, the free giveaway items many vendors provide, are often regarded as the black sheep of the marketing communications family. Denigrated as ‘trinkets and trash,’ they are still included in the marketing budget of virtually every supplier in the agricultural marketplace. But do they really add value, or are they just a relic from bygone … Read More

Growing Our People

October 24, 2022

In our July 2022 Blog, we speculated that agricultural trade shows were set to bounce back big time, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening. Fall trade shows have been well attended and well-received. As CTV News noted, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show returned to larger than ever crowds, reflecting an industry that has changed … Read More

Technology and Innovation Continue to Drive Canadian Agriculture

September 15, 2022

The past three growing seasons were heavily affected by external challenges and disruptions; COVID, labour issues, weather events which some believe are related to longer-term climate change, and supply chain disruptions and inflation associated with the conflict in Ukraine all played a part. But, one factor continues to drive productivity in the Canadian agriculture industry: … Read More

How to choose an agency

August 22, 2022

by Rhett Hawkins, president, Kahntact Choosing the right agency can be one of the most important drivers of success for a business. Choose the perfect agency partner, and you’ll enjoy a long relationship that becomes more fruitful as the agency learns your business. Choose poorly, and you’ve wasted a lot of people’s time and company … Read More

Agriculture trade shows set to bounce back after COVID

July 25, 2022

Among the many lessons learned, COVID lockdowns taught us that digital won’t replace in-person trade shows. North America’s biggest ag shows are open again, and exhibitors and guests are flocking back at near-record numbers. Because, let’s face it — you can’t replicate online the feel of sitting in a new tractor cab, talking face-to-face with … Read More