How has covid affected Canada’s food supply?

September 22, 2020

From panic-buying, to quarantinis and now health and immunity, Canadians are more focused on the how, where and availability of their food thanks to the covid pandemic. Consumers are adopting vocabulary that’s normally reserved for processors (remember the French Fry fiasco?), and greater interest in local food is shaking up the retail supply model. Kahntact … Read More

Let’s be friends…no, really

September 3, 2020

Social media isn’t new. Facebook has been around for 16 years, Twitter for 14 years, Instagram for 10 and Tik-Tok for two. The channels change and so do adoption rates, but the same rule applies as it did at this media’s dawn: if you want people to pay attention, you have to be interesting. There … Read More

Lies, damn lies and statistics

August 18, 2020

The advent and proliferation of social media have allowed news, data, information, fact and opinion to spread and morph faster than at any time in history. Along the way, myths, conspiracy theories and plain old-fashioned mistruths tend to replace facts, science and expertise. In many instances, a simple lie is easier to digest than a … Read More

Reflections on COVID and the agri-food industry

July 9, 2020

COVID-19 continues to influence  all elements of society and the Canadian economy, and nowhere are the impacts more pronounced and varied than within the agri-food sector.  We will not be ‘returning to normal’ – as we largely did after epic tragedies like 911, Hurricane Katrina and others. But what will a new normal look like … Read More

How has Covid-19 impacted food purchasing decisions?

June 8, 2020

Jo-Ann McArthur of Nourish Food Marketing and Len Kahn of Kahntact Marketing outline 2020 food trends in Canada from a sustainability lens, and what impacts the Covid-19 pandemic have had on consumer food purchasing decisions. See their presentation with the Canadian Roundtable of Sustainable Beef below: You can also watch it here.