Since its establishment in 1964, the University of Guelph has grown to become one of Canada’s top comprehensive, research-intensive universities. As a research-intensive institution, the University places scholarly excellence at the core of our mission.

The core communication objective of the first-ever ‘Our Research Vision’ publication was to increase awareness of the impact of research programs at the University of Guelph, and showcase the Office of Research’s vision for the future. The 5 year strategy is aligned with the university’s overall strategic plan; this publication delves deeper into how the Office of Research proposes to contribute to the university’s overall plan and direction.

From a business perspective, the university seeks to build on and consolidate its position as one of Canada’s top research-based ag universities.


The creative direction is based on large format images and the stories of the research and the researchers who will propel the University’s research program forward for the next five years.

In terms of production, the report is made available digitally on the university web site. A high impact printed piece is also produced, featuring premium stock and spot varnish on the front and back covers.

The report is broken into core components, per the overall University of Guelph strategic framework:

  • Principles
  • Themes
  • Signature Areas



The ‘Our Research Vision’ report has received extremely positive feedback from those who have received it. We have also received thanks and positive feedback from individual researchers whose work is profiled in the report. University of Guelph has been highly successful in attracting research funding and is consistently rated as one of Canada’s Top 10 universities for quality of research and research funding.