Where’s the Beef As Demand Increases for Meat Alternatives?

June 17, 2021

In 1984, seeking to raise brand awareness and gain a competitive advantage against larger, more established fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, Wendy’s launched what would soon become an iconic advertising campaign using the catchphrase “Where’s the Beef?” (If you’re too young to know it or  need a refresher, click here to watch the … Read More

Waste not. Want not.

May 18, 2021

Food waste is definitely a ‘thing’ – a recent U.N. study found that the average Canadian wastes 79 kilograms of food per year. And as Jo-Ann notes in her May article, we may be wasting 13.5% more food at home since the start of the pandemic. A recent article by Reynold Bergen in Country Guide notes … Read More

New hire: Angela Drystek brings unique set of creative and technical skills to our team

May 3, 2021

Angela Drystek brings unique set of creative and technical skills to our veteran ag-marketing team We’ve added a skilled digital specialist to our veteran marketing team. Angela Drystek has a unique blend of skills and experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Guelph and still enjoys photography and print … Read More

Oh Lord, it’s hard to be butter

April 8, 2021

For the past 14 months or so, Canadians have spent more “quality” time in their homes and on their digital devices than ever before. This has led to a renewed focus on, well, a whole bunch of previously unexplored topics and trends. Among the strangest of these is the mysterious case of the hardening butter. … Read More

Low-down On the Farm: The more things change, the more they…?

March 10, 2021

As Will Rogers famously said, “The farmer has to be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” Who else would throw millions of dollars of seed, fertilizer, and other inputs onto the ground, only to stand back and pray for rain? This coming season will test farmers’ optimism like never before. In addition … Read More