A-Series Soybeans


In Canada, Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited enjoyed a successful history selling T-Series soybean seed products to a very loyal “tribe” of growers. With the introduction of new A-Series soybean technology, it was critical to transition these growers from the seed product they knew and loved, over to a new and improved technology, without losing them to competitor products.



Pioneer recognized that it would be critical to promote the performance benefits of the new A-Series beans, over competitor products, including their own T-Series beans, but also to acknowledge the loyalty of their soybean customers and help move them along the transition to a new (and better!) product. An oversized direct mail was delivered to customers to reinforce the BIG performance leaps in the new technology, along with a pair of sunglasses, to pay off the headline: 2019 LOOKS BRIGHT WITH A-SERIES. In addition, an oversized insert was placed in a prominent ag publication, to reinforce the performance message and also reach a wider audience.


Pioneer exceeded year 1 sales targets, and the brand continues to thrive, gaining sales and share in the highly competitive Canadian soybean market.


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