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Pioneer, a division of Corteva Agriscience, is the world’s leading provider of seed, genetics and related products. In business for over 90 years, Pioneer has developed and tested products to meet local challenges. Pioneer’s leading products are protected by traits and technologies to maximize the genetic and yield potential of Pioneer® brand seed.

Working Together

Kahntact worked with Pioneer in a variety of capacities from 1996 through 2002, and again from 2008 through the Dow/DuPont merger to form Corteva Agriscience in 2018.

Kahntact provided a wide range of communication services including strategic planning, public and media relations, advertising (print, TV, digital and outdoor), media planning and buying, trade show and project management.

We worked closely with Kahntact as our agriculture marketing agency for 4 years (2015-2019). Out of many advertising agencies we worked with they were an excellent partner to have in our industry. Some of the most memorable aspects for me on their service was their very personable and responsive team.  They know the fine line of challenging your ideas when you need to be challenged as a business, and also when to listen to get what you need out the door and into the hands of your customers. One of their strengths is their responsiveness to be able to react to a market change and come out with a memorable campaign in-season and on time that helped with market awareness on our products. Another strength, which is hard to find in agriculture marketing agencies, is their agriculture knowledge and experience. Knowing the industry and the customer was key to helping us to getting the message out on our company and our products – and we won a few CAMA awards to prove it.

I would recommend Kahntact to anyone in the agriculture industry as they provided our team with many great tools and ideas to help sell our products over the years.

- Mark Kuchuran, Product Manager, Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited/Corteva Agriscience