Seed selling season is a busy time for sales reps, who are selling next season’s products while supporting their grower customers who are planting and growing this season’s. In addition, Pioneer sales representatives are growers themselves, so they have their own farms to manage. How can we get them excited about what’s coming when they’re so challenged by what’s happening in the field right now?



Everyone loves a tailgate party – but at such a busy time of year, no one has time to attend. So we’ll send them a party in a box! Everything they need to host summer grower meetings off the tailgate of their truck – literature, promo items, early booking bonus information, trowels to dig up roots and weeds, and coolers to hold cold drinks! And one lucky rep will win tickets to see their favourite football team play in the fall.


Based on orders from reps for more promotional items and display materials, and early product booking from customers, the Tailgate Kits are a hit season over season. What’s more, reps anticipate the kit delivery as a way to kick off the season, understand sales priorities and educate themselves on what’s new.