The seed category is crowded with hybrids and varieties featuring a wide variety of performance traits. In addition, mergers and acquisitions strain loyalty and complicate product selection. In spite of this, Pioneer Hi-Bred has created a market-leading presence in the Canadian agricultural landscape, and is part of the fabric of the industry. But in a market where performance rules, the challenge becomes finding a way to promote performance while also demonstrating pride and brand loyalty.



The Pioneer Yield Hero Contest. Provide a forum for growers to demonstrate their pride in Pioneer seed products by hosting a yield competition in each of the three crops in which Pioneer dominates. Growers compete for a grand prize by planting Pioneer seed then submitting their yield results through their rep, who photographs the grower holding their results “board” to proudly share on social media.


The Yield Hero contest yielded a wealth of grower engagement as well as boosting sales and market share. Picture a Pioneer Twitter feed, inundated with proud growers holding their yield boards – images that were then repurposed in digital and print advertising, and in direct communications to growers wanting competitor yield comparisons.